Learn how to make transformation possible!

Powerful currents are sweeping us towards irreversible environmental damage and increasing social disorder.

We know there is a genuine need for transformative changes

in ourselves and in society.



Global Community Game opens our eyes to the potential for change.

It identifies how individuals are transformed.


It shows how social transformation follows the same process.

And it shows that personal and social transformation

never happens in an instant!



That is why GCG does not focus on the abrupt change as a goal,

but on the acceleration of the transformation process.

accelerate global transformation

Our training teaches you how to create the context that brings people and cultures together.



We show you how to:
address issues on cultural and education, sustainability and the environment, post-colonialism, transculturation

understand culture and question stereotypes and clichés

understand the social construction of reality and learn how prioritize contexts

reflect on social patterns of discrimination and power structures such as racism, sexism and classicism

see historical and social conditions around the world from the perspective of evolutionary development

place your experiences in a global context

strengthen civil engagement and promote lifelong learning

our trainings

Game Facilitator

Level I

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Image by Ambreen Hasan
Image by Ashes Sitoula


Level II

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train the trainer

Level III

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Masterlass training 2019

personal responsibility