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the nature of human design

Transforming theory into practice

The GCG is informed by Integral Theory, Systems Thinking, Gaia Theory, and deep wisdoms traditions. Common to all of these is a non-linear view of reality. It illuminates the mutuality at play in self-organizing, living systems, and unleashes the power of reciprocity.

Making developmental education & human value orientation 

fully tangible in a live simulation is our basic motivation for creation of GlobalCommunityGame.

Professor Clare W. Graves developed a universal methodological framework in the 1970s which made it possible to explain the evolutionary development of the human race.

Based on empirical research, Graves concluded that human consciousness developed in leaps and bounds of successive levels of mind frames which enabled human beings to comprehend an increasingly complex reality and to adapt to it accordingly.

Graves established that up until now, eight different levels of development have become manifest.

During the initial six stages, which together form the initial bandwidth of human consciousness, the human being develops his personality step-by-step.

During the subsequent stages of the second bandwidth, a human being can transcend his personality after he has liberated himself from the clutches of survival anxieties.

Agile Dynamics

Weiß mit Blau Pinselstrich Persönlich Lo

Code Purple

kinship & safety

Code Beige

survival & soma

Code Blue

order & morality

Code Red

will power & passion

Code Orange

success & self-expression

Code Green

harmony & community

Code Turquoise

holism & flow

Code Yellow

synergy & integrity

the code of humanity

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Code Beige

survival & somatic experience

  • The Beige stage of development is specifically characterized by the human being’s strong identification with his physical environment.

  • He has no realization of his own being, and it is even assumed that the consciousness of the pure Beige human was not able to distinguish itself from its habitat and that he felt united with it.

  • The Beige human has no or barely any concept of time or place, and his actions are determined by his survival instinct that is geared toward satisfying his primary biological needs such as looking for food and shelter and expressing his reproductive drive.

  • Thanks to his intense connection with his habitat, the human being has highly developed senses and reflexes, which are necessary in his struggle to survive. 

Фото 27.10.2020, 14 26 44.png

Code Purple

kinship & safety

  • In Purple, the right side of the brain develops pronouncedly, which enables the human being to establish associative relationships between events.

  • Since logical thought has barely developed yet, it is assumed, for instance, that when a red-haired person causes trouble, all red-haired are immediately considered to be troublemakers.

  • Due to increased communicative capabilities, emotional life makes huge developmental strides in Purple, yet as no sense of the self has developed, emotional experiences of the family are fused with that of the individual.

  • Speech allows activities to be divided among each other from which different roles emerge. In the purple stage human being can share his feelings with others through speech.

Фото 27.10.2020, 15 01 01.png

Code Red

will power & passion

  • The Red level in the development of mankind pertains to the awakening of the sense of self.

  • In Red, the individual starts to distinguish himself from his family members and develops his own will. He generates the strength and courage, which allows him to assert his own will on nature and fellow human beings.

  • This allows him to liberate himself from everything that he experiences as constrictive, which includes the protective but also stifling family ties.

  • Human beings discover the attractiveness of possession, power and status, which has profound consequences for how societies are shaped. 

  • The individual, now aware of his sense of self, becomes aware of desires that, on account of the scarcity of objects, cannot be satisfied for everyone, resulting a struggle.

Фото 27.10.2020, 18 18 38.png

Code Blue

order & morality

  • In Blue, the power of thought has developed so much that it allows humans to control themselves and to think before giving in to impulsiveness, or not.

  • Humans can influence their future conditions by following rules.

  • Living according to routine defines the actions more and more and his behavior acquires a somewhat predictable nature.

  • In the area of religion, the rise of the Blue value system coincides with the transition to monotheistic deity worship. 

  • Concepts such as guilt, disobedience
    sense of duty 
    and shame gain in significance for people with the acceptance of and justice, truth and lies, sin and virtue, devotion and penitence, honor, disgrace a general morality and the development of a conscience.

Фото 27.10.2020, 18 24 31.png

Code Orange

success & self-expression

  • Under Orange, the actions of human beings are no longer geared toward guaranteeing a good life in the afterlife, but toward improving his living conditions here on earth.

  • Humans discover that with knowledge, they can understand the forces of nature and control them, thereby increasing his confidence that he is the master of the quality of his earthly existence and that he can improve it independently of God and others.

  • The development of his logical mind in terms of perception, quantitative analysis, conclusion and action enables him to do so.

  • Convinced that this applies to all people regardless of their ethnic, religious or national origins, the Orange vision encompasses the entire world and humans transcend the narrow limits of their social class and religious movements.

  • The outside world is no longer threatening but offers an ocean of opportunities just waiting to be exploited.

Фото 27.10.2020, 18 32 32.png

Code Green

harmony & community

  • Just as Orange explores reason, Green explores inner emotions. Green discovers that these feelings play a larger role in the way in which the external world is experienced and interpreted.

  • The accent is on everyday events and life in the here and now, tomorrow everything that has been built can suddenly be destroyed, therefore live in the present! In other words: ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans’.

  • The ends no longer justify the means, and certainly not if it is at the expense of the natural environment, jeopardizing the survival of future generations.

  • Every deviating view is listened to with sincere interest under the motto, “Everyone has a right to voice their own opinion and vision and that singularity is what makes people so unique and interesting”.

  • Value judgements are taboo, only politically correct statements are allowed. A person who lives within Green has great confidence that people can solve huge social issues by entering into open discussion with each other

Фото 27.10.2020, 18 47 02.png

Code Yellow

synergy & integrity

  • Yellow understands the first six value systems (Beige up through Green) as necessary evolutionary steps in which the ego (personality) is fully achieved. The first trier of value systems has been completed.

  • In the transition to the second trier, the human being transcends his personality, that is to say that he ceases to identify with it and sees his ego as an instrument with which he manifests himself in the world.

  • Yellow sees his personality just like you see your car as just a means of transportation: polishing and perfectioning it can distract you from what really matters, namely making your unique contribution to the world. Your personality is a means and not an end in itself!

  • Each and every one of them produced an adequate response to the challenges in living conditions the personality was exposed to. From baby to child to adolescent to adult, Yellow understands that thanks to what he was capable of in the previous value systems, he is now capable of dealing with issues that are continually becoming more and more complex.

Фото 27.10.2020, 18 39 45.png

Code Turquoise

holism & flow

  • Now that yellow has ensured the survival of the world, it is up to turquoise to restore all parts to unity and to reintroduce stability.

  • Human beings will need to start relating to each other and to nature in a new way, so that the balance in nature will not again be disrupted. Since yellow has solved the survival issues, turquoise moreover has the room to discover and experience the more profound aspects of life.

  • Turquoise will not adapt to the system or the authorities; not out of rebellion, but simply because he does not see the need. In turquoise, people not only realize that everything is interconnected, but it transforms into a personal experience.

  • One’s own thoughts, feelings and sensations are seen as subjective and as just an interpretation of reality. People experience that, beyond these personal experiences, at a more profound level everything is One.

Our inspiration

Spiral Dynamics Developmetal Model - Don Beck, Claire Graves

Experimental Education & Outward Bound - Kurt Hahn

UNESCO - Education for Sustainable Development

Climate Interactive - Peter Senge

Hero's Journey  - Joseph Campbell

Developmental Psychology for Education - Terri O'Fallon & Kim Barta

Wisdom Economy & Integral Education - Sean Esbjörn-Hargens

Neurobiology & Akademie für Potenzialentfaltung - Gerhard Hüter

Soma Embodiment - Sona Gomes

Polyvagal Theory - Steves Porges

Awakend Mind & Neurofeedback Method - Anna Wise

Transparent Communication - Thomas Hübl

Healing Individual, Collective and Societal Trauma - Thomas Hübl

Deep Imagination, Dream Visits & Power Animals - Steven Gallegos 

Deep Ecology - Joanna Macy

Living System Theory - H. Madurana, F. Varela

Modern Theories of Development - L. v. Bertalanffy

Process Oriented Psychology - Arnold Mindell

Maps of Meaning & Antidote for Chaos - Jordan Peterson

Narrative and Archetypal Intelligence - Carol S. Pearson



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