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fall in love with the world again

The Global Community Game®

What we play for


Experience 50,000 years of human history

in just a few hours. 



Develop ideas and create startups and international movements in minutes.



Recognize everyday and global correlations and patterns on a deeper level.



Challenge yourself to solve complex problems in an integrative way, to lead and guide yourself more consciously.



Learn how to transform despair and apathy into constructive action.

Solve VUCA crises in co-creative collaboration. 


Unleashing Potential

Explore how you can transform individual and global challenges into sustainable solutions and learn how universal values and ethical action help you unleash your full potential.


Sharing Economy

Lead the world into the age of a new economy. Find balance between stability and change. Practice appreciation, diversity and pluralism.

  • Played over a period of 2 days of intensive game & reflection,


  • Players go through different evolutionary levels of consciousness and organizational forms in real time. This helps them to recognize and solve situational challenges and unpredictabilities cooperatively, not only for their own benefit but also for the good of the Earth and global society.


  • Competencies in agile practices, self-leadership, holacracy, and evolutionary purpose are challenged and trained. The game provides insights into the originally constitutive meaning behind destructive and conflictive settings, while teaching how to find real solutions and constructive answers to a variety of complex situations.

  • Overall, our game offers a fun and engaging way to develop important skills and perspectives, and to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of our choices and actions on ourselves and the world around us.

who is it for?

We are experiencing great demand from various industries, including business, non-profit sectors, government and education, we're proud to offer our services to individuals, teams and any kind of organizations.

Our practical approach is designed for anyone who wants to develop the necessary skills to take charge in our complex world. We're here to help you achieve your goals. With our focus on integral thinking and agile adaptability, we'll equip you with the tools you need to succeed in today's fast-paced environment.

 Geek´s  Facts

GCG includes methods of Meshwork process: "Meshwork is the integration, alignment and synergy of multiple elements, entities, interests and motives to weave them together to create healthy, dynamics and comprehensives solutions to complex problems within rapid changing, complex environments." Don Beck


Includes sustainable conflict resolution methods such as: GfK or Elicitive Conflict Resolution (Wolfgang Dietrich), Global Witness (Thomas Hübl) or fundaec.

GCG also shows future possibilities, such as Meta-Integral (new currency approaches) etc

Since the basis is Spiral Dynamics - there are many constructive examples of how it works in real life what we incorporate into the background or supplementary information in the Global Community Game. 


GCG simulation

2 days of intensive game & reflection

Expand your understanding of integral education, and get a sense of the boundless possibilities it can hold.

Explore the vital roles of imagination, interconnectedness, and wholeness in the learning process.

Get specific, practical suggestions for staying centered when you feel discouraged, disheartened, or stuck.

Discover powerful practices and perspectives for transforming challenges into valuable teaching opportunities.

Awake the power of community and balance individual and group objectives.

GCG Campus

5 days of intensive game & reflection

Learn how to facilitate constructive dialogue, deep listening, and perspective shifts.

Build trust and mutuality by skillfully offering and receiving feedback.

Work actively with state experiences, shifting from passivity to inspiration, excited engagement, and higher learning.

Bring the body and all of the senses to learning experiences to maximize understanding and retention.

Discover why paradox is one of our richest teaching tools, and how to facilitate more “ah-ha!” moments to drive learning.

Explore the dimensions of polarity and controversy, and how to apply them through integral educational contexts.

Jubel der Menge

gcg campus 2023

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