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Image by Nikola Radojcic

return to the wellsprings of life

Learn how to stay grounded, nourished and fulfilled. 

Reunite the Inner Work and the Outer Work.

Awaken from Narcissism.

Be present and aware.

We all want clarity. We will support you, by getting you to bring greater clarity and depth to your global development efforts.

Using integral theory, we will help you to understand the 'chaos', find the hidden causes to persistent problems, and help those in the field become as effective as they can be.

In turn we use the 'chaos' of the field to help sharpen the theory.


We will archive this collective learning for use by others and future generations.

the vision

We want to bridge the gap between competing and co-creative societies.

In the best case we would want managers in schools and students in the real world to moderate the game in the management consultancy.


They would thus initiate games and simulations, creating new thinking and encouraging interaction between society and business (regionally and world-wide) on the basis of ethics, dignity and new integral business and life models. 

For our world that we all share.

The game of inner work and holistic change!

long life service

We help people who see their lives as an opportunity to grow, to transform, to make a positive impact

on the future of the world. 


Our students and educators have a passion for personal growth and a deep and ethical commitment to life.


 We see ourselves as service providers for multiple goals.

We are interested in developing new forms of leadership and in developing organizational approaches that foster a healthy,

transformational work enviroment.



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