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Our world needs people with open mind, open heart and open will
to change unfavourable inner circumstances like fear, anger, aversion 
and transform them into meaningful feelings and beneficial actions.
Due to the fact that outside conflicts of the world, mirrors our inner ones,
we decided to connect everyone who wishes so, in playing the Global Community Game.

 The Game that transforms disfavour into meaning
and brings understanding of the world!


Global Community Game is based on the most profound theories and examples, that represent systemic, deep psychological and

holistic approach to human and world’s development.


The Game is meant for everyone who already is or actually want to be engaged as the social architect and global citizen of the world and bring Global Community together.


reasons why

  • Climate change, earth overshoot, societal conflicts, economic upheaval and the extinction of species are signals for a raising meta-crisis.

  • We teach to face this crisis and challenges in a mature and honest way and to respond with courage, passion and creativity.


  •  We encourage people to cultivate a higher awareness and make best use of the existing  treasure of insights, methods, and practices for a more engaged, integral life.

  • The primary guiding force is our evolutionary maturity together with a clear intention to create a sustainable future. 



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