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CREating future from surplus

Transform your educational practice

We are here to help the agents of social & educational  change overcome their own comfort zones and become as effective as they can be.

We offer workshops, training sessions and intensive courses for individuals, groups, NGOs, schools and institutions around the world.


All of them are intense and to the point. Because we ourselves have gone through the process and learned how to get through the pain and resistance.

integral school

Educational Transformation

We help you to transform your educational practice on every level whether with students, children, teens or adults.


We support you to identify and overcome your own patterns, biases and preferences in educational setting, doing away with old patterns and opening up new possibilities. 


Our Educational Transformation Programm lets you specify where your students are on developmental landscape, helping you to navigate than safetly through both sound and troublesome environment.

Image by Markus Spiske

did you know?

We support robust learning by developing and delivering learning tools that encourage the development of the skills and concepts we all need.

We strongly believe that education should be about empowering the youth with the skills they need to meet the challenges of the 21st century, that are beyond the walls of school, university and workplace.

"the game changer"

Global Community Platform

The Global Community Platform is dedicated to connect people of all ages.


We encourage the notion of inner freedom while helping to build cooperative and communiative skills.


We show you how these skills can be used to accomodate different viewpoints and interests resolve and transform conflicts and develop a true feeling of responsibility and commitment.



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