The Global Community Game


Because today's global challenges need collaborative solutions.

Life is about love and play!

It is how people unfold their potential

and discover their possibilities.


So come and play.

Come and discover the power of the transpersonal field

and the collective transformation.


Come and enjoy the dance between chaos and order.


Gruppe Studenten Smilling


Get involved in the game and learn multiple perspectives of our world.

Learn how cooperation gives you the answers you need.

Learn how to turn despair and apathy into constructive action. 

Learn how to transform global challenges into sustainable solutions.

It’s all there. 

fun facts

Global Community Game provides educational and social techniques for institutions as well for practitioners of transformative change.


It contributes to the development of a sustainable, fair and prosperous future for all of us.

with us

You tune into the profound transformation of our times and learn how universal values and ethical actions help you to engage with your full potential.


You sense the evolutionary potential and the power of collective actions based on deep wisdom.


You join the social change at the emerging edge of consciousness!

our values

personal responsibility

showing up as a whole person and act authentically

simple complexity:

evolutionary development

awakening the future of leadership

courage to act

cultivating cultural heritage as treasures of wisdom

enabling people for social entrepreneurship

celebration of life and enviroment

mature understanding of the world

playful discovery of differences

creating sustainable future

integrity and idealism


"Global Community Game starts a transformative process that unites new and old: mystical journeys as well as insights from modern psychology and holistic science. In this process we acquire the skills we need on our way to a life-serving society."

Benjamin Adrion, Founder of Viva con Agua

Image by Nicolas Prieto

We help you to bring heart and mind into the classroom. 

Joining them together we support students and teachers in recognizing the endless possibilities of education

and enlivening our collective evolution.